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Stepping Stones therapies provide counselling and hypnotherapy in Billericay, Wickford, Southend and surrounding areas of Essex. We specialise in a number of areas listed below:

Monday – Saturday – 9.00 – 17.30
Saturday – 9.00 – 17.30
Sunday – 10.00 -13.00
Treatments may continue until 7 pm

Hypnotherapy is extensively employed in counseling for various medical and emotional issues. Our specialised Counsellors  focus includes weight loss, smoking cessation, overcoming addictions, addressing anxieties, and managing phobias. Tailored treatments aim for lasting results, particularly for cases where conventional medications may be less effective.

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About Stepping Stones Counselling and Hypnotherapy

You will receive a confidential, professional, non judgmental, caring approach to your treatment. Counselling and Hypnotherapy can be used individually or combined and is tailored to your individual needs.

Are you feeling low in motivation ?

Are you experiencing mixed emotions that you find difficult to control?

Is your general health suffering ?

Do you want to take control of your life?

Do you feel you are under achieving ? 


Whatever your concern maybe, from cravings, addictions, fears & phobias, stress and anxieties through to weight control, we at Stepping Stones have a priority to provide resolutions to these by customising a treatment individually built for you.

Providing a relaxing counselling and/or hypnotherapy in Billericay, Wickford, Southend, Brentwood and surrounding areas of Essex we are passionate about helping others from debilitating conditions.

What others say !

“I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Elizabeth. I received a very quick response to my message when I initially contacted her and without any fuss I was booked in and within a few days I experienced a very professional introduction to hypnotherapy! Elizabeth was very Covid aware and the session was in a completely safe, comfortable and professional environment! The sessions have helped me tremendously and I feel the need to keep ‘dipping my toe in the water’, so to speak, as every session has a truly beneficial effect Elizabeth has a totally professional approach, is friendly and treats her clients with great confidentiality! Her prices are extremely reasonable , her premises are comfortable….. all in all, highly recommended!! Thank you, Elizabeth, I don’t intend to stop my hypnotherapy, just yet!!”

Anne Davey

"After years of diets, including weight watchers and slimming world I would only lose 3-4 pounds then as soon as I stopped dieting the weight would go straight back on. I used food as a comfort when I was stressed and could not say “no” to food. I had to eat everything on my diner plate. After six sessions of hypnotherapy with Liz for weight control I started to view food differently and my eating patterns changed. Consequently I started to lose weight steadily I have lost a stone, dropped a dress size and the weight has stayed off ( for the first time ever). Following the sessions I felt calmer, more relaxed and positive within myself as well. I really enjoyed the experience. Thank you Liz“

Mrs D .Benfleet

"I suddenly started to suffer panic attacks and a great fear of being sick especially when eating in restaurants and in public.. Consequently I stopped going out and started eating on my own at home. I was becoming isolated and and frustrated with the problem.

Once the cause was found and talked about , I was taught new ways of dealing with the problem, I improved. I had three sessions with Liz, I can now eat in restaurants without the fear of being sick and having no more panic attacks. I am really please and amazed with results of hypnotherapy"



“After years of struggling with my weight and trying various diets without success, I decided to try something different and opted for hypno gastric band therapy. I was initially skeptical, but after just a few sessions, I started noticing significant changes in my eating habits and mindset towards food. The hypnotherapy sessions were incredibly relaxing, and the therapist guided me through visualizations of undergoing a gastric band procedure. It’s been several months now, and I’ve already lost a considerable amount of weight. I feel more in control of my eating, and the best part is, it feels effortless. I highly recommend this approach to anyone struggling with weight issues. It’s truly been life-changing for me.”

Jackie, Brentwood

What is Hypnotherapy?

It is not what you see on stage shows….but that it is a completely natural phenomenon which is drug free and non- addictive. It is a state which is self-induced assisted by the directions of the hypnotherapist. While in a state of hypnosis you are neither asleep nor unconscious, and you are fully aware of what is happening. The technique is a way of getting through to the subconscious mind and re-programming it. The subconscious mind influences our everyday experiences and a lot of memories, good and bad are stored there, even though we are not aware of these memories, which in turn, can affect our everyday lives, even though we are not aware that the subconscious is controlling us. Most sessions are carried out weekly over a four to six week period for the best results. Except quit smoking, this is usually a one off session, lasting a couple of hours.

What can Hypnosis Do For You?

Hypnosis can be used to improve your general functioning and make you feel better mentally and physically and also make positive changes in the way you think and feel about yourself.

Hypnosis can help with :

Stress and anxiety
Self-esteem and confidence
Panic attacks
Sleep problems
Weight control
Pain control
Quit smoking
Exam nerves/Driving test nerves
Plus many other physical or emotional issues.

What can Hypnosis Do For You?

Hypnosis can be used to improve your general functioning and make you feel better mentally and physically and also make positive changes in the way you think and feel about yourself.

Hypnosis can help with

About Us

Stepping Stones was founded by Elizabeth Rose, a qualified counsellor & hypnotherapist. Operating primarily from her home practise in Billericay, Stepping Stones now consists of numerous qualified therapists that focus on 4 core areas.

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